Grace Church DR Mission Trip 2017 - Day 5

Monday, Day 5

Hey everyone! Today we woke up early to head to Catalina to pack food for Isaiah 58, then we went to a village to serve food, perform our skit, sing, and entertain the children with face paint, bracelet-making and coloring. After we finished serving in that village we went back to Catalina for lunch where we FINALLY met our youth group's sponsor child, Yasmeroly! Needless to say she was shown lots of love from all of us, which she returned to us in the form of giggles and sass. After hanging out with Yasmeroly, we went to another village where we also did Isaiah 58 and did the same activities as the village before (plus some of the villagers catching an iguana, which we ended up taking back to Catalina with us). Back in Catalina, we packed food for tomorrow's Isaiah 58 ministry and ate dinner and dessert which involved lots and lots  of laughs. We then drove back to the hotel and stopped at a grocery store on the way back to get some unhealthy snacks of course. Now we're back at the hotel eating those unhealthy snacks:) about to go to bed. 

- Rachel