Mission Statement

Handfuls of Hope is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in the Dominican Republic - through education and through the life-changing power that comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

Education. It is a basic human right and here, in the affluent comfort of suburban NJ, it is often taken for granted. We simply EXPECT to have access to quality education. It is our right. For children in the Dominican Republic quality education is available only to a privileged few. While primary education is free and compulsory, the sad fact is that the Dominican Republic education system is in crisis.

According to the World Economic Forum’s “The Global Competitiveness Report of 2013-14,” the Dominican Republic ranks 146th [of 148 countries] in “Quality of Primary Education”.  The Dominican Republic has the lowest investment in education in Latin America and the Caribbean with only 1.9% of its GDP invested in public education.  Without sufficient funds being invested in school supplies and infrastructure, extracurricular activities, teacher training, and transportation to and from school, Dominican children lack the resources needed for a proper education. Overpopulated schools, especially in rural areas,  are forced to operate in morning/afternoon “shifts”, limiting students to as little as 2 hours of classroom time per day. 

At Handfuls of Hope, we believe that education empowers people, opening doors of opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. We are determined to make a difference, to help bring a new standard of Christian education to the Dominican Republic, to help shape the lives of future leaders that will impact their nation and help break the bonds of poverty.
You can help.