Mission Statement

Handfuls of Hope is committed to bringing Jesus Christ into the lives of all who we touch through Missions, Education and Evangelism. We believe the only way to change a life is through a saving and loving relationship with Jesus. "(God our Saviour) wants all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of truth" (1 Timothy 2:4).

HOH has three main purposes with a focus on MEE: Missions, Education and Evangelism. Our medical mission trips are comprised of well-qualified, highly trained healthcare practitioners from both the United States and the Dominican Republic. Other various short-term missions trips throughout the year are comprised of people of all ages including youth groups, church groups and high school students who are committed to enhancing the lives of the children at the school, and those in the community we serve, by participating in vacation bible school and tackling various projects at our school and sports ministry site located about 15 minutes from our school. Enhancing education, the second prong of our purpose, happens at the Handfuls of Hope school. By recruiting and developing highly trained educators, we faithfully believe that every child deserves the opportunity to receive a good education, in order to effectively break the cycle of poverty in the community. Evangelism is at the root of both our mission and education; our youth volunteers, healthcare practitioners, and teachers, all aim to display and illustrate the love of Jesus Christ to the community through both works and words.

The Handfuls of Hope School is recognized for its excellence in education. We are committed to raising the standard of education in the Dominican Republic while emphasizing Christian values, civic responsibility, and parental engagement.

At Handfuls of Hope, we believe that education empowers people, opening doors of opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. We are determined to make a difference, to help bring a new standard of Christian education to the Dominican Republic, to help shape the lives of future leaders that will impact their nation and help break the bonds of poverty.

You can help.