About Us:

Handfuls of Hope was founded by a group of individuals who have been involved in a series of short-term mission trips to the Dominican Republic. Returning to the same small village of Catalina for a number of years, and working in partnership with the same local church, we came to realize that our investment in the community was yielding long term relationships and making a lasting impact.

Working side-by-side with the local church, we were able to refurbish and revitalize a school building, construct a library, and establish a medical clinic in an area where such resources simply were not available. Our partnership has enabled that church to minister to their community, and beyond, in ways that previously were impossible.

We have a heart for the Dominican Republic. We want to continue our work there and we want to connect other groups and other organizations with communites such as Catalina. We  believe that, with God's blessing, we can make a difference as those communities begin to change and, in turn, begin to reach out to their neighboring communities until, one day,  an entire country has been changed by the love of God.