We believe that education is a key to breaking the chain of poverty and that every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education. We are committed to providing education opportunities to as many Dominican children as possible. Your $35/month sponsorship will impact the life of a child, providing for education and learning materials. 

Program Overview

Upon Enrollment
You will receive a portfolio of your child, including a photo and biography information. 

Your child will communicate with you throughout the year through letters, drawings, etc. in addition to responding to letters you write to them. The more you write to your child, the more he/she will write back!

We do not encourage sponsors to send packages directly to our children as our in-country staff may be charged a customs fee. (For more information on sending gifts, please review our Sponsorship FAQs.)

Visiting your child can be an exciting and encouraging experience for both you and your sponsored child.  We greatly encourage it.  You can join one of our mission trips and spend time with your child. 

Manage Your Sponsorship Donor Account
When you sign-up to sponsor a student, you will create a sponsorship/donor profile on our secure Sponsorship Portal from which you can view your student's profile, send email correspondences, upload files, view a history of your credit card transactions, and manage your credit card info.
Click here to view/download the Sponsorship Portal User Guide