Writing to your Sponsored Child

It's all about building a relationship!

What should I write about?

Family and friends
ell your sponsored child about the people who are close to you and why you value your relationships with them.  Ask your child to share similar stories about the special people in their life.

School and work
School is a big part of your child’s life.  Ask about their studies and encourage them to work hard.  Write about the type of work you do for a living, or your own studies.

Children all over the world enjoy animals.  If you have pets, tell your sponsored child some fun stories about them.  This is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Writing about your church and related activities is a great way to encourage your sponsored child to pursue their own relationship with God.

Holidays and special occasions
Your sponsored child enjoys learning about your culture and the events that are important to you.  Share these with your child and ask them about special occasions in their own life.

Where you live
Share fun and educational information about your home town, state, or country, and ask your child to write about the place where they come from.  You’ll be teaching your child something about your home, and showing them you’re interested in their story.  And you might learn a thing or two about their home country!

Hobbies and interests
Tell your child about the things that keep you busy.  Ask about their own hobbies and interests, and encourage them to pursue positive activities.

Include photos
Children love to look at pictures.  Photos can be entertaining and educational, and they help your child better understand who you are.  They also give your child a face to go with the name you sign on your letters! 

What topics should I avoid?
Remember, you are writing to a child who comes from a culture and circumstances that are much different from yours.  Some topics that are appropriate among your circle of friends may not be appropriate for a child in a developing country. 

Money and possessions
You may be proud of that raise at work, or that new house, but those aren’t the types of things to share with your child.  Discussing these things may cause your child to feel jealous or ashamed, or become too fixated on material things.  Share positive achievements in a way your child can relate to.

While your sponsorship helps provide your child with food, this can be a touchy subject in developing countries.

Politics and government
Many children have experienced various levels of political injustice first-hand.  Bringing up these subjects could remind them of things they would prefer to leave behind.

Additional needs/wants
Please do not ask your child if there is anything they need or desire. Your sponsorship meets their needs and they are taught not to ask for things in their letters. We will communicate any needs with you.

Inappropriate photos
Remember that your child comes from a relatively conservative culture, and a humble background.  It’s great to include photos of yourself and your family, but leave out the ones from the beach or the pictures of the new car. 

A few more tips

  • You can include stickers, stamps, bookmarks, trading cards, hair ribbons, and other small, flat items in your envelope as gifts for your child.
  • To ensure your privacy, please do not include your personal address or contact information in your letter.
  • Please double-envelope your letter.  Address the inner envelope with your child's name and reference number.

Mail to :

Handfuls of Hope
PO BOX 6025
249 Homestead Road
Hillsborough NJ 08844 

Thank you for writing!