Operation Education:

Handfuls of Hope is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty through education. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to receive an education and, even more, that every child is precious and deserving of care, nurture and encouragement to reach his or her full potential.

The Handfuls of Hope Operation Education program has been established to help provide resources and support for Christian schools in developing nations, bringing opportunities for change, and hope for  future generations. We believe that, through education, we can enable children to realize their dreams and help raise up the next generation of leaders.

You can make a difference! Your tax-deductible gift of $35 per month will help provide an education to a child in need, opening the door to a brighter future. 

Your generous support will make a lasting impact in the life of a child.


Why Operation Education?

The education system in the Dominican Republic ranks among the worst in the world with only 22% of its 3.7 million chlidren finishing 8th grade and 10% finishing high school.

Classrooms are typically overcrowded and children do not receive the level of individual attention necessary for them to succeed.

Approximately 85% of poverty-stricken Dominican parents have never completed primary education.