Child Sponsorship Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions

+ What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?

The child you sponsor through Handfuls of Hope will receive opportunities for education that are not available to most of the world’s poorest children. For a few of the specific benefits, see below:

+ $35 Monthly Education Partnership

Your monthly gift will provide a child the opportunity to attend a Handfuls of Hope sponsored school, providing for tuition and learning materials.

+ How long should my sponsorship last?

Our desire is to see children progress from primary school, through high school and beyond, that they would break free from the bonds of poverty and make a difference in their society. We hope that your sponsorship will develop into a relationship with your child. If we determine that your child no longer needs support or moves away from the area where our program operates, we will contact you regarding sponsoring another child. If, for any reason, you are unable to continue your sponsorship, please contact us and we will assist you.

+ Should I pray for my sponsored child?

Absolutely— we not only desire your financial support; we highly value your prayer support as well.

+ How can I communicate with my sponsored child?

We encourage you to write letters. Whether your letter is composed with pencil and paper or electronically, via our sponsor web portal, our staff will translate letters between you and your sponsored child. Your sponsored child will respond to you in a handwritten letter (not via email). For more information about the HOH Sponsorship web portal, see below.

+ Will my child write to me?

Yes, your child will communicate with you through letters, drawings, etc. in addition to responding to letters you write to them. The more you write to your child, the more he/she will write back!

+ Should I share my personal contact info with my sponsored child?

We strongly discourage the sharing of personal contact information with your sponsored student. Whether hand-written or electronic, all communication with your sponsored student should be handled via the safety of our moderated program. Messages to and from our students are moderated by our program administrators, both for the safety and security of our students and to protect you, the sponsor, from unsolicited requests.

Although our school provides services in a very rural area, it is surprising that so many now have access to social media via mobile phones, which are ubiquitous and very inexpensive. We strongly discourage any social media interaction with your sponsored student. When viewed through the eyes of the underprivileged, our own social media sharings may serve to widen the cultural divide, unintentionally reinforcing stereotypes and highlighting our differences. Please refrain from all social media interaction with your sponsored child.

+ What other opportunities will I have to learn more about my sponsored child?

You will receive regular updates about your child and about our program through emails and newsletters. You can learn about where your child lives, read stories about the villages and children HOH serves, and see photos on our website –

+ May I send gifts to my child?

It is only natural to want to shower your sponsored child with gifts. Our experience, however, has shown that it becomes problematic when one child receives a gift and another does not. To ensure that all our children are treated equally, it is our desire to provide a Christmas gift to every child in our program. We hope you will consider making a monetary gift to the Student Christmas Gift Fund. Please visit our website, click the Donate button, and designate your gift simply by adding a comment, “Student Christmas Gift Fund” in the comments field of the donation form.

+ Can we visit our child?

Visiting your child can be an exciting and encouraging experience for both you and your sponsored child. We greatly encourage it. You can join one of our mission trips and spend time with your child. See our website for more information about upcoming trips.

+ How does HOH ensure that my support actually benefits the child I sponsor?

We have competent staff who make sure our programs are operating effectively. There are strict financial accountability guidelines in place to ensure that funds are used appropriately.

+ Does all $35 go directly to my child?

Your donation will go into our Education Fund and your child will receive the services/benefits of the program through your contributions.

+ How do I use the HOH Sponsorship Web Portal?

To access the web portal
point your web browser to

To sponsor a child
Browse through the photos of available students. You may use the filter options at the top of the screen to filter by gender, age, or grade level. For example, to view only females, age 5, or males in grade 4. To clear the filters, click “View All Child Sponsorship” to return to the full list of available students. Click on any one of the children’s photos to view the child’s profile.

Click the “Sponsor Now” button to begin your sponsorship. You will be required to fill out a form with your contact info, a user name and password (to access your account later), payment method, payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly), and credit card number. Click the “Sponsor” button to complete the transaction.

To send a message to your sponsored child:
Click the “login” button and login to the web portal with your user id and password Click “send message” Type a subject line, and your message, and press the “send” button. Your message will be received by one of our field missionaries who will translate, if necessary, and deliver the message to your sponsored child. Your sponsored child will respond in a handwritten letter (not via email). Click “my account” to return to your Donor Account page.

To upload a file:
You may upload files, such as a family photo, to share with your sponsored child. Click the “login” button and login to the web portal with your user id and password Click “Upload file” Drag/drop the file into the window, or click inside the upload box and select the file from your file manager. Click “my account” to return to your Donor Account page.

To update your Donor Profile:
Click the “login” button and login to the web portal with your user id and password Click “Update Card” to update your credit card info. Click “Update My Info” to update your profile, including address, phone, email address and your password. Click “Submit” to save. Click “my account” to return to your Donor Account page.