Grace Church DR Mission Trip 2017 - Day 4

Sunday, Day Four 

Hey friends and family! Today in the DR the team started out with breakfast in the morning with omelettes, donuts, and fresh fruit galore. After our stomachs were full, we headed out to IBI church for a Sunday service, using headsets to transform the pastor's Spanish into words we can understand, minding the translator's hilarious mess-ups. After the service with amazing worship (there were three guitars!!!) we travelled to Krispy Kreme for a snack which was delish. We then headed back to the hotel for some rest; we watched Frozen in Spanish and played a few rounds of our favorite game, werewolf. We loaded up the bus again and headed to my favorite part of the Trip, the children's hospital. We split into two groups, one for singing and one for playing with puppets. We sang Eres Todo in every room and, as we continued through the hospital, the children's and parent's smiles grew wider and wider. We prayed for each sick child individually, hoping that one day God will set them free from illness. After the hospital, we practiced our skit (finally) until we had it down to a science. To end the day, we had a bite at a tropical restaurant. Overall, the day was great. Our prayer request ...for focus on the meaning of this trip and for health due to sunburn and headaches.