Grace Church DR Mission Trip - Day 6

Tuesday, August 1

So we only have 4 days left here and I can't even believe we're already at this point. Today was another very early morning since we had to go to 2 villages for Isaiah 58. The first village we went to was a small building with lots of kids so just imagine the lack of space we had for the skit. After we served breakfast to the children, did worship and our skit, we got prepared for some chaos with face paint, bubbles, and bracelets. The pastor that we met was very kind and he luckily spoke English (he was born and raised in Long Island) He showed nothing but love to everyone. In between the villages we went to a mall to kill time and some of us got normal food while some of us got The infamous "Yogen Fruz." Totally worth it. The second village was a little different. We walked through rocks, broken glass, and many many goats before we got to the main area. As we got to area where we would perform our tasks, we noticed a small arena where cock fights were held and it was very interesting. Everything went smooth while we were there in spite of the sweat dripping and flying off of my nose. We were done for the day at around 5 so we headed back to the hotel to either swim or sleep... unless you're me and Carson who went to the gym... for dinner we headed to an empanada place and let me tell ya... they were bangin. That was pretty much our day and were excited to make the best of our last few days here. See y'all back in America on Sunday🤙