Welcome to the HOH Journal

It is Thursday evening, July 14, and we are busily making last minute preparations for the start of our mission trip to the Dominican Republic. We have been packing for weeks but there remains, nevertheless, a seemingly endless collection of miscellaneous items that still have not found their way into a suitcase - VBS supplies, paint brushes, toiletries, Beanie Babies, etc., the list goes on.

Months of planning and preparation are behind us. There were team meetings, fundraisers, prayer gatherings, shopping expeditions (for supplies), countless emails and phone calls and, in general, a whole lot of fun as the team has worked together to prepare. Time has passed quickly and, on the eve of our departure for the DR, there is much excitement and anticipation. Our team of 54 will meet in the wee hours of Saturday morning, load up our luggage, and head off to Newark International Airport for the start of our adventure.

This journal will be updated regularly throughout the week, so we hope you will check in with us regularly. Please pray for our team - for safety, for courage and strength, for willing and humble hearts that we might serve God in a way that is pleasing to Him. We are looking forward to a wonderful week!