Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for you, and for your faithful support which enables Handfuls of Hope to minister to others. We give thanks today, and every day, for your partnership with us and for opportunities to serve God together to make a difference for Him.

Giving Tuesday

Next Tuesday, November 28th, is National Giving Tuesday.
It is a day to give. No donation is too little, and no gift is too small.
Every gift will help. Together we will make a difference!

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SPOTS ARE FILLING UP for our Christmas event:

A Christmas of Hope

Please sign up online today if you want to want to attend.
The seating is LIMITED. Registration must be done online.

Pray for "Baby" Dev

Some of you know Baby Dev.
This little guy was brought to our medical clinic in February 2015 with severe cellulitis, hand and foot disease, and open sores. His mom had died during childbirth and his grandma (who brought him to our clinic) has been his caregiver. Our medical mission team fell in love with this precious little one, providing round-the-clock care and, by the grace of God, quite literally saved his life.

Dev had several medical struggles during his first year of life but, today, is a healthy boy attending the HOH preschool. He is supported by several HOH donors who cover his needs and, in addition, pay a lady named Mery to watch over him. This is also a tremendous blessing for Mery as it provides income for her.

We are sad to report that Dev's grandmother has passed away. She fell down and hit her head. At this time, we are praying for Dev and what will become of his future. We are acting as wisely and quickly as we can to make sure Dev stays in good care and is safe. Your prayers are needed in this moment. 


Pray with us

This Friday, Don Coords and Juan Velasco will be heading to the Dominican Republic to visit the HOH team and to check on how the beginning of the school year is going. The plan is for them to be there for two days. They will check on the school and they will also be getting the team ready to welcome the mission trips for the upcoming year. Even though this trip will be short for them, it will be very important. Crucial meetings, conversations and decisions will be taking place that will be essential to the development and success of the mission trips. For this reason, we appreciate and ask for your prayers. We pray for protection as Don and Juan travel and we pray for wisdom and guidance as these meetings take place.


Prayers for Alesha

Alesha Kollert is one of our Missionaries in the Dominican Republic. She is the  Sponsorship Program Coordinator and she also assists the Director and other Coordinators at the Handfuls of Hope School. In the last couple of weeks, she has been back in the US figuring out some matters regarding her Visa. Alesha is in the process of becoming a permanent resident of the Dominican Republic. She will be back in the Dominican Republic as soon as possible to continue helping with the school, but inevitably will have to return to the US, not too long afterward, to finalize her Permanent Resident status through the DR Embassy here. This process can take weeks and maybe months. Our prayer request is for the entire process to take as little time as possible and for it to be successful. We pray to see God's hand through it all. Please join us in prayer for Alesha and our entire HOH team and family. 


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Now that the Holidays are just around the corner, we wanted you to be informed that thanks to AmazonSmile, shopping can now be an opportunity to donate! AmazonSmile is the SAME Amazon that you already know. The simple but HUGE difference is that with every order you place through AmazonSmile, 0.5% will be donated to the organization of your choice. You will not be charged anything extra. All you need to do is make sure you are on AmazonSmile when you start to fill up your cart and then select Handfuls of Hope as the organization of choice! 

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New Textbooks Needed

Dear Sponsors and Friends,

In the last year, I have had the privilege to go to the DR and work with the wonderful faculty at the HOH school.  This past August, we were able to do three days of teacher training with the faculty and it was amazing. It has been my heart to bring experienced teachers to the DR, to better train and equip our teachers with strategies and resources. On this trip, the teachers shared that their number one frustration is that they are teaching without text books. In the Dominican Republic, it is the responsibility of the parents to purchase all text books for their children each year. Right now the cost per child is approximately $120 American dollars. For some Dominican families that is several months pay. Needless to say as they are just trying to feed their families, books are not a priority or even a possibility for each of their children. As a teacher with 30+ years experience I cannot imagine teaching without each of my students having a textbook in front of them during the day or a textbook to take home and do homework or study.

We are reaching out to sponsors and friends of Handfuls of Hope to see if we can collect money for these textbooks. Obviously the best case would be for each of our students to have their own books, however, if we could have a class set for each classroom that would make teaching and learning so much more possible! I realize that so many of you have given so much already to Handfuls of Hope. Our mission is to bring education to the children of Catalina area, giving them every advantage in life. Providing the best possible Christian education is what God has placed on our hearts.

If you are able, you can donate on our website and designate the monies for textbooks. We would be grateful for any amount you could give toward these books!

Thank you for your consideration. Be blessed !

In HIS Service,

Jeanne Ramunda
Chair of the HOH Education Committee

World Food Day - October 16

World Food Day is here!
October 16

It is celebrated globally to bring awareness for those who suffer around the world from hunger and who are in need of nutritious diets. 

Via our Isaiah 58 food ministry, Handfuls of Hope has been able to help those who are simply hungry. We have partnered with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), a world-wide ministry whose mission is to feed God's children.  FMSC provides hand-packed meals, specially formulated for malnourished children, to partners around the world. 

The reality is that there is enough food being produced in the world for everybody, but not everyone has the ability and the resources to access it. It is also shocking to know that a mere $27 will provide a month's worth of food per family in the Dominican Republic. Yes, you read that correctly. Only $27 to feed a family for a month. 

In celebration of World Food Day, we encourage you to feed a family for a month. Get involved. We can all make a difference, together.

Feed a family for a month.
Donate today.

A Christmas of Hope

Our annual HOH Christmas Event is coming soon, on December 1, 2017 at 7 pm.  Although our October weather has been unseasonably warm and humid, our Christmas event is only seven weeks away and we are excitedly preparing for what promises to be a wonderful evening.

We are still looking for items to be included in the Silent Auction. The Silent Auction will help raise money to purchase books for the Handfuls of Hope students in the Dominican Republic. The curriculum has recently changed in the entire country and our students are in need of new textbooks that meet the criteria. Help us by donating a basket or item for the Silent Auction.

If you wish to donate, please fill in the form below and press "Submit"

For more info, and to purchase tickets, cick the button below

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HOH School Parent's Meeting

Our school's annual parent meeting was held on September 29. At the beginning of each school year we have a meeting with our parents, teachers, and staff to discuss our plans for the year, go over rules and procedures, introduce our teachers, and introduce our school to our new parents. This year, there were 167 total in attendance.
The meeting began with a welcome from our dear Principal, Nancy, and a time of prayer led by our General Director, Benjamin. Pastor Vernon then followed with the devotional message where he spoke about the responsibility parents have in their child's education from Proverbs 22:6. He spoke on how parents need to first seek wisdom in God so they can teach their children the correct way.

During the meeting, our Director, Principal, and coordinators spoke about the rules and procedures of the school as well as some changes, such as the bus transportation to school. We are now providing bus transportation for students that live far away from the school. This provides a cheaper and much safer mode of transportation as many of our students were being driven on motorcycles, or walking, and having to cross very dangerous intersections.
We also discussed how we will be reviving our Parent/Teacher association and another committee of parents to assist the teachers in each classroom.

The meeting ended with the parents being led in song by our coordinator Ana Lucia, singing and doing the motions to a childhood favorite song, Father Abraham. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a time of fellowship and had a chance to meet individually with their child's teacher.

Please pray for us in this school year that we would continue to provide quality education to our students and reach hearts for Christ. Also pray for the start of our Parent/Teacher association and other committee as we are praying for more Parent involvement to help our school succeed. 

Thank you and God Bless,
~ Alesha Kollert

School is in Session!

Hello Friends, 
Here at Handfuls of Hope School we are so happy to have successfully finished our first week of school. It took a lot of hard work to get to this point. This work started in the beginning of August, when we started training with our teachers and getting the school ready to receive students.

In August our school director and a few teachers were blessed with the opportunity to attend the ACSI conference in Santo Domingo where they were taught how to better impact our students for Christ. We were also blessed with a group of visiting US teachers who helped train our staff. They taught our teachers about evaluating student’s reading level, Bloom's Taxonomy, using recycled materials in the classroom, etc. This group also ministered to our teachers by praying with them, helping prepare posters to decorate their classroom and purchasing much needed furniture and materials. After this group left, we worked nonstop for a week and a half with our staff and volunteers from our local church to paint the classrooms and clean up the school so that everything was ready to receive our students.

As the students arrived on Monday you could see the joy on their faces, as many of our returning and new students were so excited to be at the school. We opened the day with introductions, devotions, singing and prayer to start the new school year right. During this first week we all reviewed the classroom and school rules, and each teacher had a different and fun way to teach them to their students. Our fifth and sixth grade teachers put on a drama for their students to explain the classroom rules. It was so entertaining to see the students laughing and almost falling out of their seats watching their teachers dressed up as students and acting out the different procedures. All in all, it was a fun and blessed week.

Below are a few photos from our first day of school. More photos are available in our photo gallery. We are excited to share with you all the joy on the faces of our students and staff and, more importantly, to show our appreciation for what YOU have done to make this new school year possible.  Thank you so much!

~Alesha Kollert

Evangel Church DR Mission Trip - Day 6

Day 6

Team Evangel and all the people they encountered continued to feel God's grace. Teachers, who teach grades Pre-K through 9, had their final day of participation in the Teacher's Conference. All received gift bags that they were able to fill with items that included crayons, pencils, pens, staplers, and folders. They also did a rocket experiment, filling water bottles with vinegar and baking soda. 

After the experiment, the teachers were asked what questions they would pose after doing this with their students.

They shared that they would ask their students what they learned; the importance of the activity; what materials would they use; and what would they do differently next time.

Teachers also did a balloon activity with a CD and flip bottle top. They blew air into the balloon and put it over the top that had been inserted into the CD. As the balloon deflated, the CD spun and moved across the floor.

Team Evangel later met with the teachers to assess their classroom needs and assisted them in creating posters for their classrooms. Team members also were blessed by the opportunity to help furnish a Pre-K classroom.

Additional Evangel team members visited the village of Sabana Larga, where they played jump rope ball with some of the children. The atmosphere was joyful at a local church where Team Evangel helped lead and participate in a praise and worship, then listened to a Bible study. As part of the Isaiah 58 program, people in the village later received food and clothes while the children spent a good deal of time coloring pictures. They also received personalized backpacks that were decorated with a message about God's goodness.

For the past three days, Team Evangel was treated to delicious lunches and dinners cooked by several gracious women at Colegio Cristiano. Glory be to God!

~ Sonya Kimble-Ellis

Evangel Church DR Mission Trip - Day 5

Day 5

God's anointing shined today while Team Evangel visited the village of Beni. Team members walked through the village with members of Handfuls of Hope (HOH), canvasing the villagers to come hear the word of the Lord. 

The townspeople were open to hearing and receiving God's best. Throughout the gravel-covered streets, the sound of music and the sweet aroma of an upcoming meal represented comfort, joy, and a sense of home. 

Many children and adults joined Team Evangel and HOH to sing praise songs and worship in a tree-covered yard located behind the church. Afterward, the young ones colored onto sheets that had fun illustrations; did chalk drawings onto concrete steps; and received personalized backpacks. 

The village residents were blessed with bags of food and were prayed for by team members. They also received items of clothing. Members also returned to another village to paint a home while several helped fill children's backpacks with school supplies. The day was truly a blessing to all.

~ Sonya Kimble-Ellis

Evangel Church DR Mission Trip - Day 4

Day 4

Team Evangel and those we ministered to had a blessed day in the Lord. Some of the team members participated in and conducted a Teachers Conference at Colegio Cristiano Esdras.

Team leader Yasmin Burrell led a session on "Blooms Taxonomy," which outlined in part what teachers should Record, Understand, Apply, and Analyze, Evaluate, and Create in their classrooms.  The teachers were pleased to receive a gift bag with the phrase 'Reaching by Teaching.' On the back was a Bible verse from John 7:16.

As an icebreaker, they participated in an exercise that required them to line up in the order of their birthdate. Each teacher had to communicate their birthdate to the other teachers without speaking a word. There was a lot of laughter and recognition of various communication techniques during this exercise.

"I realized what it was like when students don't know how to communicate well," said one teacher.  "I saw that there are times when you might not understand the child at that moment. But will time and work, you will understand," shared another.

In a morning activity, teachers worked together to create a hands-on writing/drawing activity of what a teacher is, says, does. Their responses included the words mother, companion, clown, banker, educator, and more. During the afternoon, teachers participated in a hands-on painting and writing activity that encouraged them to share and illustrate their 'gift'. The activity was based on a passage from Proverbs 18:16. The afternoon ended with an anointed time of prayer. 

Several team members also visited and blessed the people of Melon Hill. Members canvased the village for people with whom to share the Gospel of Jesus. The time in the village included handing out clothes, food, and praying for souls. Children were joyful as they played basketball, games and drew and colored pictures onto backpacks. God's grace was shown throughout the entire day.

~ Sonya Kimble-Ellis

Evangel Church DR Mission Trip - Day 3

The team arrived in Catalina for our first day of ministry there. Jeanne and Ceres and Alesha poured into our teachers. It was an amazing time, with so much progress. What an eternal investment. The rest of the team went, in the morning, to La Rigola and to San Jose in the afternoon. We presented the good news of Jesus to all, sang beautiful songs, played with kids, and handed out 12000 meals worth of food and also shoes and clothes. Heading back to the capital now, for a quick shower and dinner at Provacon. Yum yum. Keep praying for us throughout the week. God is working in so many ways. 

Evangel Church DR Mission Trip - Day 2

We woke up Sunday with new energy. Shared a few minutes after breakfast learning about the HOH ministry and then off to IBI, an awesome church in the capital. We worshiped the Lord and heard a great message. Lunch at Pollo Victorino and the the Robert Reed Children's Hospital. What a great time! Some of these children are so sick. We were blessed being able to visit and pray for the children and families. God is so good. We are excited for Monday as we start ministry out in Catalina working with the HOH team there. Pray for us, that God be glorified. 

Grace Church DR Mission Trip - Day 10

Today was a fun but sad day. We got to sleep in today. We went straight to Catalina to spend as much time as we could with the guys and the girls, Yasmeroly and Esmeroly. One of the guys, Miguel brought his horse named Samantha to the party! We played many games with the guys and the girls and had a real fun time. We had lunch but we didn't stay for dinner. Saying goodbye was the hardest part. We promised them that we would see them again and we left back to the hotel. We had two hours to rest and swim. We went back to the mall for dinner. We went to a nice Italian restaurant. The food was great and we all had a fun time. On the way back to the hotel we stopped for Ice cream. To finish off the day we are having a debrief of our Trip and a possible snack party. It's sad to leave but it will feel good to be back in the states. Please pray for a safe flight and no delays, all the villages we went to and served, school starts in three weeks in Catalina.
~ Nate

Grace Church DR Mission Trip - Day 9

Hey everyone! Today we woke up really early then drove 2 hours to Bayaguana for Isaiah 58. When we arrived, we were instantly welcomed by a crowd of at least 60 people. We sang Eres Todo, Light The Fire, and Sinking Deep then performed our skit. After that, we stayed there for lunch because the pastor invited us to stay and brought up soda and juice. Then we drove another 45 minutes to the next village, Monte Plata. When we arrived, we helped clear out some planks of wood and encountered the first of two wolf spiders. We started painting the building with wood finish  (extremely sticky by the way - Nate got covered in it and it ripped out his arm hair) then encountered another wolf spider in a concrete block. When that was finally finished, we set up for another Isaiah 58. We handed out bracelets and lollipops and face painted. When we left, we drove 30 minutes to Pollo Victorina and ate so much chicken to end this amazing day. Now we are on our way back to the hotel.