Timothy Christian School Mission Trip 2018

The TCS Team arrived in the Dominican Republic on Thursday, March 8th. Since their arrival, they have worked in 2 villages, San Jose and Lemon Hill. They also visited the Children's Hospital on Sunday and have worked with our ministry friend, Jay Muños. The team will be visiting the Dominican/American School this afternoon March 11th.

We praise the Lord for the work He is doing in the lives - from here and there- that are being touched.  

Serving the Lord Together

Earlier this week, the Handfuls of Hope team had the opportunity to work with a team from our ministry partner, Feed My Starving Children. We distributed food, love, and God's promises in La Rigola, Dominican Republic.

Medical Clinic with IBI Church

As a follow-up to our recent medical mission trip, our friends and partners from Iglesia Bautista Internacional (IBI) conducted a medical clinic at the HOH school this weekend, providing additional care and support to individuals whose needs could not be fully met during the mission trip.  The IBI team treated approximately 100 people and we're thrilled to report they will be returning to Catalina on a monthly basis, working alongside the local church to continue to minister to the community. We are so thankful for their commitment and for their partnership with HOH.

HOH School Valentine's Day Celebration

On Wednesday the HOH school held its annual Valentine's Day activity for the morning session students. All the children were invited to come dressed in red to celebrate this special day. The day started with devotional time, singing about the love of God and how we should extend this love to everyone and how this love can change our lives.  We shared John 3:16 and talked about how much love the Lord has for us, giving his son to die for us, and how we should show this kind of sacrificial love to each other.  Each classroom had a special time to celebrate the day. The preschool and kindergarten students had some special treats together and Valentines coloring pages. The 1st-3rd grades each had gift exchanges.  After recess, kindergarten through third grade gathered in the main area to have a time of singing and competitions until dismissal. All the kindergarten students received a prize for best behavior during the activity and a few individual students from 1st-3rd grade received prizes from winning the competitions. 

The afternoon kids (fourth through ninth grade) did not have any special activities because of the upcoming activities and projects they have, but most classes had a small gift exchange. On Friday we will have a special dinner and gift exchange with all the school staff that we are looking forward to.

~Alesha Kollert

2018 Medical Team: Landing

The team landed at JFK last night after about a week's worth of work in the Dominican Republic. Everyone is back home safe with countless praises from all of the great experiences had during the week! 

We thank the Lord for always keeping the team safe and for allowing them the opportunity to serve together in impacting the lives of many in the Dominican Republic. 

2018 Medical Mission Trip


Your prayers are appreciated for the medical team that will be going to the Dominican Republic this Wednesday, January 24th. We hope the mission trip will be an opportunity to help improve the lives of many of those who can't afford or get to health care facilities by providing them with medical attention and care. The team will also be participating in the Isaiah 58 Ministry and helping with different projecting in surrounding villages.

Nick Di Mare, a trip participant, will be writing daily posts about the team's activities. You can read these entries on Happening Now! 

Medical Team:

The informational and Packing meeting will be Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 3 pm.

Address: 4 Cotswold Lane, Warren NJ

Happy New Year!

We are overjoyed with everything HOH was able to accomplish in 2017!

As we transition into 2018, we would like to thank everyone who contributed into making 2017 a successful year for Handfuls of Hope.

We are even more excited about what 2018 will bring! 
Starting with our Medical Mission trip this January. Please keep the Medical team in your prayers! 

Merry Christmas!

Handfuls of Hope would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who sponsors a child, goes on a Mission Trip, joins us at an event, volunteers, is an employee, and everyone who has ever helped shape HOH into what it is today. We are so blessed and we appreciate every single one of you so very much. HOH would not be where it is today without your constant support.  


Sponsor a Child for Christmas

Have you ever thought of sponsoring a child? It is easier than you imagine. This Christmas, add sponsoring a child to your list of gifts. It will be life changing!

Through our Sponsorship Program, a $35.00 monthly donation provides a child with access to quality education. Every child deserves the opportunity to receive an education in order to reach his or her full potential. By sponsoring, you have the chance to be a part of a great story.

If you were to add up how much money you spend on coffee at the end of the month, $35.00 for tuition seems like nothing. Surprise a child this Christmas with the gift of receiving an education. Come together with your loved ones and donate as a family outreach!

Let's keep encouraging these children to continue growing and learning!


Light of the World

It is not a secret that we live in a dark time. However, every morning when we wake up to another unfortunate event, let us not forget that we are the light of the world. We don't have to go far away, or wait for serious incidents to occur in order to show compassion. We can certainty act with small (or big) acts of kindness in our every day lives to make a difference. 


As Christmas gets closer, let us reminisce that there is hope; that Jesus is our hope. He is our Savior and came down to lay down His life to make a way for us to have one.

During this time of the year, we can always come together in support of each other, and to share the many different and numerous blessings we all have been privileged with. 

Praises! - Update

Praise God we can report that Pastor Vernon left the hospital last evening and is on the way to recovery. Please continue to pray for him.

We have so much be thankful for as we head towards Christmas.The HOH Christmas of Hope Dinner Friday night was a huge success and a wonderful time! We gathered to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the Earth and what He has done through HOH. A good time was had by all and we had a wonderful response to the Silent Auction. Especial thanks to all who donated and to those who helped make the evening a wonderful and God-honoring time.

Christmas of Hope Dinner Guests looking at the baskets.

A prayer request

We ask for prayers for Pastor Vernon and his family and the kids at the HOH school. This week has been very difficult for them. A student in the HOH school was in the hospital for four days with pneumonia and  Pastor Vernon was taken to the hospital last night with pneumonia as well. Please pray for his lungs since they are very swollen and affected. We pray for health and a speedy and complete recovery. We pray for our HOH team, staff, students, and their families. 

HOH appreciates all the prayers and support through out every situation

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for you, and for your faithful support which enables Handfuls of Hope to minister to others. We give thanks today, and every day, for your partnership with us and for opportunities to serve God together to make a difference for Him.

Giving Tuesday

Next Tuesday, November 28th, is National Giving Tuesday.
It is a day to give. No donation is too little, and no gift is too small.
Every gift will help. Together we will make a difference!

Feel free to share with us on social media how you plan on giving!
 #GivingTuesday #HOH

SPOTS ARE FILLING UP for our Christmas event:

A Christmas of Hope

Please sign up online today if you want to want to attend.
The seating is LIMITED. Registration must be done online.

Pray for "Baby" Dev

Some of you know Baby Dev.
This little guy was brought to our medical clinic in February 2015 with severe cellulitis, hand and foot disease, and open sores. His mom had died during childbirth and his grandma (who brought him to our clinic) has been his caregiver. Our medical mission team fell in love with this precious little one, providing round-the-clock care and, by the grace of God, quite literally saved his life.

Dev had several medical struggles during his first year of life but, today, is a healthy boy attending the HOH preschool. He is supported by several HOH donors who cover his needs and, in addition, pay a lady named Mery to watch over him. This is also a tremendous blessing for Mery as it provides income for her.

We are sad to report that Dev's grandmother has passed away. She fell down and hit her head. At this time, we are praying for Dev and what will become of his future. We are acting as wisely and quickly as we can to make sure Dev stays in good care and is safe. Your prayers are needed in this moment. 


Pray with us

This Friday, Don Coords and Juan Velasco will be heading to the Dominican Republic to visit the HOH team and to check on how the beginning of the school year is going. The plan is for them to be there for two days. They will check on the school and they will also be getting the team ready to welcome the mission trips for the upcoming year. Even though this trip will be short for them, it will be very important. Crucial meetings, conversations and decisions will be taking place that will be essential to the development and success of the mission trips. For this reason, we appreciate and ask for your prayers. We pray for protection as Don and Juan travel and we pray for wisdom and guidance as these meetings take place.