Our Arrival In Santo Domingo

The HOH team distributes tracts in Santo DomingoOur flight from Newark was uneventful and smooth. Even with such a large group, check-in at Newark airport was surprisingly efficient and, before we knew it, we were in the air and on our way. Our arrival in Santo Domingo was on time and we quickly found all of our baggage waiting for us, neatly arranged in a "group-only" baggage area. After a quick bag lunch we were on our way to the "Mercado" where we  had an opportunity to briefly browse through the wares of the local merchants in search of a souvenier or two.

Leaving the market, we headed to the Colonial District where the team handed out tracts to the many passers-by in the pedestrian area. It was very encouraging to see how nearly every person who had received a tract took the time to stop whatever they were doing to actually read it. The tracts opened the door to some conversations and we trust that seeds of faith were planted. We may never know the far reaching effects of these little one-on-one encounters.

We left the Colonial District and made our way to the hotel. After check-in there was time for a shower or a quick splash in the pool, followed by dinner. The whole team then gathered for a brief team meeting where we discussed Sunday's agenda and sorted through the items that we will be distributing during our visit to the Robert Reid Children's Hospital. There are Beanie Babies, coloring books and crayons, Bibles, and special care packages prepared for the moms of the many children who are confined to the hospital.

Finally, the day is done and we are ready for some much needed sleep.
Please remember us in your prayers on Sunday as we gather for worship and minister at the children's hospital.