January 2019 Medical Trip

A team of over 60 people worked tirelessly to provide healthcare and food to so many beautiful people in the remote villages. Thank you to this amazing team!

Liquid HS 2: Day 2

The second group from the Liquid Church High School program is in the Dominican Republic right now. 

The images from Day 1 can be found on the Handfuls of Hope Facebook Page!

Day 2 was a great day full of God's love. The team handed out food in different villages and took the time to face paint and care for those they encountered.  

The Handfuls of Hope Building

Handfuls of Hope officially has a two story building in the Dominican Republic!

This coming September, at the beginning of the new school year, 3 more classrooms will be available to accommodate children and staff.

This is a win for Handfuls of Hope, the community, and every one who has ever contributed to the mission of breaking the cycle of poverty in the Dominican Republic through education and faith. Praise the Lord!

Liquid HS 1: Day 3

The morning of day 3 included setting up for the events to come later on in the day. After the set up was completed, the team participated in face painting!

The rest of the day was full of fun activities in a fair held at the Handfuls of Hope School. At which about 175 kids from the school attended and participated in activities like water fights. The team put on puppet shows and dramas for all. 


Medical Missions

This past Saturday, April 21st, a group of doctors and nurses from Santo Domingo came to Catalina to provide follow up medical care to those in the area. These doctors and nurses are from a church called IBI in Santo Domingo. These doctors and nurses are no strangers to Handfuls of Hope since the HOH team worked along side them during the 2018 Medical Mission Trip in January. This past Saturday, their third follow up medical visit to Handfuls of Hope was a great success! 580 people were treated!

Handfuls of Hope Presents Danny Gokey in Concert


Handfuls of Hope is proud to present a very special evening with Christian artist Danny Gokey!

Chick-fil-A will be available for purchase at 5 pm

Doors open at 6 pm

Get your tickets now!

Discount for Group tickets (10 or more) and Meet & Greet Admission are available

The Learning Hands and Feet of God

Take a look at how students at the Handfuls of Hope School have the opportunity to learn in the classroom and also learn outside of the classroom with hands on activities!

We praise God for all the staff at the school that continually invest time and energy into the lives of these children, and also for the Education Committee who works diligently towards their success.

Outstanding Student at HOH School

Jwarly Vargas is a 7th grade student at the Handfuls of Hope School. It is our pleasure to announce that during the Math Regional Competition this year he won first place! He will be competing on the National Level in early April. 


More About Jwarly Vargas:
His favorite subjects are Math and English. He likes baseball, drawing, and graphic design. 

Timothy Christian School Mission Trip 2018

The TCS Team arrived in the Dominican Republic on Thursday, March 8th. Since their arrival, they have worked in 2 villages, San Jose and Lemon Hill. They also visited the Children's Hospital on Sunday and have worked with our ministry friend, Jay Muños. The team will be visiting the Dominican/American School this afternoon March 11th.

We praise the Lord for the work He is doing in the lives - from here and there- that are being touched.  

Serving the Lord Together

Earlier this week, the Handfuls of Hope team had the opportunity to work with a team from our ministry partner, Feed My Starving Children. We distributed food, love, and God's promises in La Rigola, Dominican Republic.