Jan 2017 Medical Missions Trip - Day 2

Today was filled with much activity across the Handfuls of Hope Ministry. We were greeted by the entire elementary grades at the Handfuls of Hope School as they sang and welcomed us to their beautiful school. The work the teams did in the summer really shows as these students have a beautiful, clean and safe area to play during recess. Their presentation took place in the new courtyard in front of our new building which added several classrooms for the 8th and 9th grades. 

Our Clinic was in full swing, seeing approx. 600 "clients"  today and our doctors and nurses treated each one with the personalized care they needed. Buses arrived throughout the day bringing people to our portable clinic. Our clinic treats dental, optical, gynecological, general internal, pediatric and prenatal needs. It is amazing to watch the intake teams work with the physician/nurse teams to make sure everyone sees the right specialist. 

Isaiah 58 Mobile ministry was on the road, visiting the towns of Azua and Santa Rosa. They were joined by a magnificent rolling Clinic provided by the Rawlings Foundation and staffed by our teams. Naturally we distributed food to families in need, totaling approximately 1300 Meal Packs. We provided clothing to children and young adults and played with the children while they waited to have their faces painted.

Our construction team started construction on a new Play Structure for the older children, we will have pictures of the finished product; sure to be a surprise for our elementary grades. 

Friday promises to be another day of blessing across all the ministry opportunities here in the DR with HOH. Dios te bendiga  - John.