HOH School Valentine's Day Celebration

On Wednesday the HOH school held its annual Valentine's Day activity for the morning session students. All the children were invited to come dressed in red to celebrate this special day. The day started with devotional time, singing about the love of God and how we should extend this love to everyone and how this love can change our lives.  We shared John 3:16 and talked about how much love the Lord has for us, giving his son to die for us, and how we should show this kind of sacrificial love to each other.  Each classroom had a special time to celebrate the day. The preschool and kindergarten students had some special treats together and Valentines coloring pages. The 1st-3rd grades each had gift exchanges.  After recess, kindergarten through third grade gathered in the main area to have a time of singing and competitions until dismissal. All the kindergarten students received a prize for best behavior during the activity and a few individual students from 1st-3rd grade received prizes from winning the competitions. 

The afternoon kids (fourth through ninth grade) did not have any special activities because of the upcoming activities and projects they have, but most classes had a small gift exchange. On Friday we will have a special dinner and gift exchange with all the school staff that we are looking forward to.

~Alesha Kollert