New Textbooks Needed

Dear Sponsors and Friends,

In the last year, I have had the privilege to go to the DR and work with the wonderful faculty at the HOH school.  This past August, we were able to do three days of teacher training with the faculty and it was amazing. It has been my heart to bring experienced teachers to the DR, to better train and equip our teachers with strategies and resources. On this trip, the teachers shared that their number one frustration is that they are teaching without text books. In the Dominican Republic, it is the responsibility of the parents to purchase all text books for their children each year. Right now the cost per child is approximately $120 American dollars. For some Dominican families that is several months pay. Needless to say as they are just trying to feed their families, books are not a priority or even a possibility for each of their children. As a teacher with 30+ years experience I cannot imagine teaching without each of my students having a textbook in front of them during the day or a textbook to take home and do homework or study.

We are reaching out to sponsors and friends of Handfuls of Hope to see if we can collect money for these textbooks. Obviously the best case would be for each of our students to have their own books, however, if we could have a class set for each classroom that would make teaching and learning so much more possible! I realize that so many of you have given so much already to Handfuls of Hope. Our mission is to bring education to the children of Catalina area, giving them every advantage in life. Providing the best possible Christian education is what God has placed on our hearts.

If you are able, you can donate on our website and designate the monies for textbooks. We would be grateful for any amount you could give toward these books!

Thank you for your consideration. Be blessed !

In HIS Service,

Jeanne Ramunda
Chair of the HOH Education Committee