Pray for "Baby" Dev

Some of you know Baby Dev.
This little guy was brought to our medical clinic in February 2015 with severe cellulitis, hand and foot disease, and open sores. His mom had died during childbirth and his grandma (who brought him to our clinic) has been his caregiver. Our medical mission team fell in love with this precious little one, providing round-the-clock care and, by the grace of God, quite literally saved his life.

Dev had several medical struggles during his first year of life but, today, is a healthy boy attending the HOH preschool. He is supported by several HOH donors who cover his needs and, in addition, pay a lady named Mery to watch over him. This is also a tremendous blessing for Mery as it provides income for her.

We are sad to report that Dev's grandmother has passed away. She fell down and hit her head. At this time, we are praying for Dev and what will become of his future. We are acting as wisely and quickly as we can to make sure Dev stays in good care and is safe. Your prayers are needed in this moment.