Liquid Church DR Mission Trip - Homeward Bound

It has been an incredible week. As we prepare to leave this wonderful island with its wonderful people, we do so with a new understanding of the word "heartstrings", as it refers to our deepest emotions and affections. Our heartstrings have certainly been tugged every which way and, safe to say, that each of us will carry a bit of this week's experience in our hearts for a very long time to come. We thank you for your prayers and support.

 Here is an update on our travel plans.  We have just learned that our flight from Santo Domingo will be delayed.



We now are scheduled to leave Santo Domingo at 6:22 PM, arriving at JFK at 10:15 PM

This should put us back in Mountainside at approximately 12:15 AM


Liquid Church DR Mission Trip - Day 7

Don't even know how to report today. The most emotional day of the week. Both Liquid and Grace groups went to the beach with the beautiful girls of Pasitos de Jesus.  Then we went to Pasitos for a pizza party. What followed was amazing. The singing, dramas and testimonies from Mama Dalma and several girls. Then out of nowhere Charina, the first girl Dalma welcomed in the home, a sweet girl with Down's syndrome gave her testimony. Kat did an amazing job translating. You see, Charina has never spoken before a group before or shown emotion. Not a dry eye in the place including Charina's sisters. God was clearly moving on so many hearts including one of our own girls who prayed to accept the Lord as Savior. Thank you Lord for letting us be there tonight. Well heading back to the hotel and then flying home tomorrow. Now we hand off to the amazing Grace Church team. I love you guys. 

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Liquid Church DR Mission Trip - Day 6

Today was the Liquid youth's last day of Isaiah 58 ministry. This morning this wonderful team went to Los Pinos. Then back to Catalina for lunch. We spent the afternoon playing with the kids of the Handfuls of Hope school. Great time that ended with Taco Salad for the sendoff dinner. Just a great day given to all by the Lord. Tonight we welcome the Grace Church Youth team. Can't wait to see everyone. 

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Liquid Church DR Mission Trip - Day 5

Day 5

Today was a special gift. Our plan for today changed. God's plan was perfect. As of 10pm last night, we were wondering where we would serve this morning.  Yesterday, a church in the capital was praying that the Lord would send help. Today at 9am the Lord answered their prayer and blessed us with a wonderful visit. Everyone was sad to leave at 1:30pm. In the afternoon we did a VBS program in a very poor section of the capital. Thank you Lord for a special day.

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Liquid Church DR Mission Trip - Day 4

Day 4

Today was another wonderful sweet day. This group of teens and leaders are doing a great job. The day started with Isaiah 58 in a little village, Yiyo Gomez. We then went back for a delicious lunch. Including yucca. Yummy. Then the kids painted the entire back wall of the school as well as a classroom's desks. We sneaked an extra visit back to La Rigola, a village we really love. We were privileged to be able to go house to house and deliver clothes. These folks have such huge needs and are so appreciative. It was the sweetest visit. Many tears when we had to leave to go back to Catalina for dinner and celebrate Sophia's birthday. It's now 8:30pm, and we're heading back to the hotel after loading the trailer for tomorrow. Thank you Lord for today's blessings. 

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Liquid Church DR Mission Trip - Day 3

Day 3

Today was action packed! We left the capital at 7:30 this morning and headed off to ministry. Now, at 7pm, we are headed to the hotel to the chatter and singing voices. It's a beautiful thing. Today we visited La Rigola, a sweet village. We played and sang, our puppets entertained, and HOH missionary James presented the gospel after Erik led the singing.

Liquid Youth did a great job presenting two dramas for the folks. Then the team handed out Manna Packs to the families. This afternoon we went back to visit and painted two houses. The appreciation from these families was heartwarming. Pray please that tomorrow is as sweet. Thank you Lord

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Liquid Church DR Mission Trip - Day 2

Today has been a great day!
Our day began with Church on the beach. God is clearly working in hearts. Several gave their hearts to the Lord this morning and we're sure that a celebration broke out in Heaven. God is amazing. This group from Liquid church is amazing!

We had pizza for lunch, then a wonderful time visiting the children at the Robert Reid Hospital. (Sorry, but out of respect for the children and their families, the are no photos from the Children's Hospital). A yummy dinner at Provacon, then back to the hotel for a 30 minute swim followed by skit and song practice. We're looking forward to IS58 ministry tomorrow. Good night Lord!

Liquid Church DR Mission Trip - Day 1

Today was a great day. Long, but great. No one slept last night but all travel went very well. The team did a great job with street ministry, handing out tracts and singing in the park.   Tonight we packed up for tomorrow's visit to Robert Reid Children's Hospital.  Sunday morning will begin with breakfast, then Church on the beach at nine a.m. We are excited about what God is doing. 

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Love to all! Everyone is well.