Summer 2017 DR Mission Trip - Day 5

Great day today. Got past Wednesday. Those who have gone know what I mean. VBS final day was packed. IS58 was a really sweet village. Second floor looks amazing and desk repairs coming along. Big day tomorrow. Pray for Kids Camp and concert at night.

Summer 2017 DR Mission Trip - Day 4

Day 4
The Lord has given us another great day. One more day of VBS to go. The Respect Theme is really catching on. The construction team are incredible. The walls are done and the rafters are on the second floor, waiting for the windows and doors to be set tomorrow. Then the roof goes on. David and team are doing a great job repairing the desks. The IS58 team today visited Santa Rosa. The people appreciated the visit, the games and clothes and food the team handed out. Please pray that the Lord continues to give us good health and strength and safety. God bless

Summer 2017 DR Mission Trip - Day 3

Day 3
I'm watching an amazing team in the DR. They are working with kids and families, and doing an amazing job (in extreme heat) constructing a second floor on our school building. Lord send clouds. Please. Clearly, today, they have decided to follow Jesus. We praise God that four of our own, yesterday, committed to follow Jesus. The team is pouring themselves into these lives. Praise God for what He is doing

Here are a few photos.  Check out our photo gallery to see more

Summer 2017 DR Mission Trip - Day 2

Day 2
Our day started with church. So often, faced with decisions about life, we say "But I..." instead of "But God...". Our worship time, led by Brian and Ron, was great. We then went for a great visit to the Children's hospital along with the HOH friends from IBI. The day finished with prep time back at the hotel and off to sleep. Tomorrow we head out early for our first full day of ministry in Catalina. Pray for us!!!  

Summer 2017 DR Mission Trip - Day 1

Day one is in the books as we travel back to the capital for much needed sleep. Our flight was delayed for 2 1/2 hours this morning. Two teams converged at the airport. Our team was arriving, while the MEFC team headed back home. We were able to catch a picture at airport.

We also said goodbye to Maura who interned this summer and to Gio who gave us 40 days before being deployed with the Army. Both were a blessing to many. 

A great day was had as we prepared for VBS and IS58 next week. The construction crew was thrilled to see the roof was on the school, allowing us to put up the second floor next week. The guys worked through sun and heat and refreshed the shade screens in the school yard. The theme of the day seemed to be amazement at what God has done.