HOH School Parent's Meeting

Our school's annual parent meeting was held on September 29. At the beginning of each school year we have a meeting with our parents, teachers, and staff to discuss our plans for the year, go over rules and procedures, introduce our teachers, and introduce our school to our new parents. This year, there were 167 total in attendance.
The meeting began with a welcome from our dear Principal, Nancy, and a time of prayer led by our General Director, Benjamin. Pastor Vernon then followed with the devotional message where he spoke about the responsibility parents have in their child's education from Proverbs 22:6. He spoke on how parents need to first seek wisdom in God so they can teach their children the correct way.

During the meeting, our Director, Principal, and coordinators spoke about the rules and procedures of the school as well as some changes, such as the bus transportation to school. We are now providing bus transportation for students that live far away from the school. This provides a cheaper and much safer mode of transportation as many of our students were being driven on motorcycles, or walking, and having to cross very dangerous intersections.
We also discussed how we will be reviving our Parent/Teacher association and another committee of parents to assist the teachers in each classroom.

The meeting ended with the parents being led in song by our coordinator Ana Lucia, singing and doing the motions to a childhood favorite song, Father Abraham. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a time of fellowship and had a chance to meet individually with their child's teacher.

Please pray for us in this school year that we would continue to provide quality education to our students and reach hearts for Christ. Also pray for the start of our Parent/Teacher association and other committee as we are praying for more Parent involvement to help our school succeed. 

Thank you and God Bless,
~ Alesha Kollert