MEFC DR Mission Trip - Day 1

I am Dave Barletta and, this week, I am privileged to be leading a wonderful team from Montgomery Evangelical Free Church on their DR Mission trip. Time permitting, we'll be posting a nightly update with a few highlights of the day as we minister together.


I'm always amazed at the way God works. How He gives us strength when we are weak. How He takes our humble offerings and uses them for His glory....

As I sit here in my hotel room, tired from a long day of travel...I am thankful for this group of teens and leaders who have come down here to serve the people of the DR. I'm thankful that God has chosen me to lead them on this journey and couldn't be more proud of the way these kids have handled themselves so far. 

I've attached a video that Bill (one of the Dads on the trip) put together of our first day. 

Tomorrow will be church at IBI in the capital followed by a trip to the Robert Reed children's hospital. 

Good night all!