Prayers for Alesha

Alesha Kollert is one of our Missionaries in the Dominican Republic. She is the  Sponsorship Program Coordinator and she also assists the Director and other Coordinators at the Handfuls of Hope School. In the last couple of weeks, she has been back in the US figuring out some matters regarding her Visa. Alesha is in the process of becoming a permanent resident of the Dominican Republic. She will be back in the Dominican Republic as soon as possible to continue helping with the school, but inevitably will have to return to the US, not too long afterward, to finalize her Permanent Resident status through the DR Embassy here. This process can take weeks and maybe months. Our prayer request is for the entire process to take as little time as possible and for it to be successful. We pray to see God's hand through it all. Please join us in prayer for Alesha and our entire HOH team and family.