Jan 2017 Medical Missions Trip - Day 5

Our last full day in-country. It began with a great breakfast, then some worship and an impactful message from Don Coords, who asked us to listen to what God is calling us to do; to work toward being committed to HIS plan, and not seek our own alternatives. He was preaching to me personally although the room was packed. 

After that the team had some time for rest and relaxation at Costa Caribe, with a dip in the ocean and a fabulous meal, it was a well-deserved break from ministry work. 

The icing on today's cake was our visit to "Pasitos de Jesus"  a girls orphanage that HOH has a relationship with. As we entered the grounds we heard the girls singing for us. They greeted us in song then grabbed our hands and played with us out in their large open yard.  Face painting, bead bracelets and a Pizza Party to top off the evening. 

These young girls have such love for the Lord, and they are so polite and thankful for what they have. Several girls told their story of rescue from abuse and how they are thankful to be living with their "sisters" and Mamma Dalma at Pasitos.  Our evening ended with the HOH team presenting Mamma with a significant donation to be used for food and necessities. Pasitos is struggling to keep the lights on and the refrigerator stocked for 50  growing girls. 

Eye opening, but glad we could serve them pizza and distribute donated toys, shoes and clothing.  Emotional for sure, and we left all our tears on the pathways surrounding our gathering area. Another late night and early morning, so "Good Night" and thank you for supporting HOH with your prayers and financial resources. -  John D.