Handfuls of Hope School 

The Handfuls of Hope School is recognized for its excellence in education. Located in the village of Catalina, the school currently serves more than 300 students, grades Pre-K through Nine.  The school is accredited and, under district oversight, was ranked second out of 42 private schools in the district. Teachers are certified and our current curriculum is designed to meet and exceed government standards. The school exists to serve the community, combining quality education and Christian values to impact the lives of every student.

Our goal is to raise the standard of education in the Dominican Republic. We are striving to develop new and improved curriculum, and to provide training and development for our teachers to help them to be more effective in the classroom. We emphasize Christian values and promote civic responsibility. We encourage parents to be involved with the school and become engaged in their child's education. We are striving to create an exciting and vibrant learning environment that will make an impact in the community and, ultimately, become a model for other schools in the region.

You can help

Be a Monthly Sponsor

Your pledge of $35/month to the HOH Operation Education program will provide for tuition, uniform, and learning materials for a child in need. Become a sponsor today!

Make a Gift

Your generous contributions to the HOH Operation Education program will help provide for ongoing maintenance and required improvements to the school facility. The school is currently in need of new textbooks, computers, and other technology. 


Help organize the collection of school supplies such as composition books, rulers, calculators, markers, backpacks, shoes, etc. in your local school district.