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We need your help! Please consider donating to the list of supplies needed for our upcoming trips!

DR 2019 - Items to collect

Sports Equipment

Uniforms for volleyball and baseball
• Volleyball nets and balls and pads
• Baseball gloves, balls, helmets, hats…

School Supplies

• Composition notebooks 
• Pens, pencils, erasers, dry erase markers


• Triple antibiotic cream
• Bandages/Bandades
• Tylenol and Advil
• Vitamins
• Diapers (all sizes)/wipes


• Beanie Babies, small toys, small crayons and coloring books
• Bibles (spanish)

Timothy Christian School Senior Mission Trip

March 15, 2019

This past week Handfuls of Hope had the privilege of partnering with Timothy Christian School for their senior class mission trip! The seniors spent time praying and sharing the love of the Lord in the school, handing out food through the HOH Isaiah 58 Program, in the children's hospital, girl's orphanage and many other places. We would like to thank all of the seniors for selflessly pouring out their hearts and sharing the love of God with the people of the Dominican Republic. We are so proud of each of you! Congratulations Class of 2019! #tcsdrtrip2019